Reading Up on Comics

Comics is a media I know nothing about. zilch, nada…At any rate it’s been something I’ve been looking into because many seem to be targeted at adults, while traditional storybooks seem to be for the eight and under crowd. I know I want to work in picture format, which means that I need to look at traditional comics, if only to know what I’m choosing not to do, as it seems to be the current iteration of story + pictures + not moving.

So, I’ve been scouring the internet, for images and stories that I like, to see what precedent there is. So far, indie European comics are closest in style. I’ll link to them if I happen on another I like.

Badger and roots pen drawing

Pensive Behind Roots
Pen, 2013 Seana McNamara


First Step to a Picturebook

I’m drawing a picture book–and this is the first step. I’ll update this once a week with a picture, an idea, or a review of someone’s work who inspires me.


A child dreams of Guernica.

A Child Dreams of Guernica – pen, 2013
Seana McNamara

Blog Posting Will Keep Me Honest

The regular posting will keep me honest, or at least get me to phrase my ideas for public consumption. Or at the very least teach me how to write a story. Place, setting, mood–that’s all great but as soon as you hit the dreaded plot, that’s where it all falls down. And I like narrative painting. Not fair. But the painters I most admire are quite dead, so I need to do something to fix that situation by exposing myself to other ideas and people rather than curling up in a hole.

Current Inspiration

I’m looking at the Art of Manliness and Hyperbole and a Half for inspiration, although those are very different types of blogs with very different audiences. I’m also looking at straight art blogs, or art  journals on the web, as those also interest me. At any rate, this will “become itself over time.”